RigBasket at Collision Conference: Day 1

What a start to the Conference! With over 11,000 people in attendance and over 600 startups showcasing, Collision has already exceeded many of our expectations.

So we’re hear in New Orleans, and yes we have had our fair share of Beignets so far. The team drove in Monday night from Houston to share our concerns with the world about asset management in traditional industry. We have been fortunate to meet many people who share our concerns and have validated our approach.

So let’s begin with the shout outs right away!

We would like to send out a special thanks to IBM and Microsoft for being so supportive of our initiative within our first meeting.  And of course, the guys from Shell for having our back when we said that yes, there is massive potential for improvements in basic areas of field operations. We were wowed by the powers of Wolfram Alpha, and reassured by a Stanford professor that our approach is what more prototypes should follow when addressing a problem. To all the other people we met today, we really appreciate the time you made to hear us out.

We attended a lot of talks today. Everyone from General Electric CMO Linda Boff to the inspiring Stephen Wolfram. Collision has been a great learning experience about what other exciting startups are targeting from around the world, and this was just day 1. Approximately 110+ countries are present this year, with many passionate entrepreneurs with demos and a lot of “conviction”.

Tomorrow is our big day. We’ll be at booth C-224 in the Media/Enterprise/Marketing section communicating our pain point. The way we may be doing it has nothing to do with oil, but it has everything to do with how our customers feel when they can’t get it. We well be having  phone demos, and will be alternating throughout the day so you can meet our diverse and dedicated team.

Please swing by the booth, and look out for our social media streams revealing what we have planned for you tomorrow. The team back home is running Twitter. We hope to surprise you when we bring out the “RigBasket Well”!

The RigBasket Team

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