Day 2 was RigBasket’s demo day! To communicate how we help oil companies keep their well flowing by making sure the appropriate assets are on location in a systematic way, we brought out a chocolate fountain to communicate our client’s pain point to regular non-oil people. Without exaggerating, bringing out a chocolate fountain to the tech conference seemed to attract a lot of non-energy people to the booth, and that is what we wanted! To keep spreading awareness of how much modern technology can impact traditional industries like oil & gas.

There were some great talks about how more companies need to think of Cloud Computing and Flash Storage as the future. There were also talks about how employees’ personal devices and application preferences from a consumer perspective are beginning to exceed what enterprises previously equipped them with to perform tasks.

We’d like to thank everyone who visited us during the day to hear about how we are working on gradually automating tasks in the oil industry. We met a lot of people, and heard of a lot of initiatives going on that we previously were unaware of. Thank you for sharing your stories!

Night Summit also allowed us to meet more people, while checking up on what New Orleans had to offer, and a chance to grab some beignets again.

We’ve had a great conference so far, and are looking forward to our last day here. Today’s theme focuses more around startup advice from well-known entrepreneurs, investors, and tech-gurus.

We look forward to returning to Houston soon and writing out a ton of thank you letters.


The RigBasket Team

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