Deming’s 14 Points and the Supply Chain – Ken Kinlock

How Deming can improve your Supply Chain

Today’s article is not a RigBasket original but a very useful piece on improving supply chains across organizations. As we are big fans of the Deming philosophy, we thought it would be best to share this article with our followers. We would like to pay tribute to Mr. Ken Kinlock for writing this wonderful piece on apply Deming’s 14 points to the Supply Chain. The full original article can be found here. We have embedded the webpage below for your convenience. At RigBasket our goal is to make sure our followers are provided with the most useful information to improve their organizations.

See how we have automated Deming’s principles to ease the pain of implementing supply chain transformation programs. Our goal was to take Mr. Deming’s philosophy and use technology to make it simpler and cheaper to implement. Schedule a demo with us today to see what we’re talking about.

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